It's a commercial application that allows recount cost of whole printing process. At now, version 1.2 is available with several minor bugs fixed.

PE allows grouping of elements such as book, sheet, insert, cover, flier and otheer. Sample pricing of sheet is composed of:

  • general information
  • printing format,
  • king of printing machine, spades, usings, number of colours for each page, edition...
  • paper - kind of paper, it's grammature, price is counted depend of size of each sheet. Number of sheets needed to print is also counted here.
  • prepare - project, mount, dtp...
  • print - flies, tools...
  • foil/lacker - price of foil and lacker for each sheet.
  • bookbindery

    For all pricings there is possibility to add price of : cut, pack, transport, VAT, surcharge and discount. Main feature is connection with data base and administration of datas of clients and their pricings.

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