Menago has been created for shops those offer cargo delivery to theirs customer's lifeplaces. The main tasks that Menago realizes are:
- to find optimal time for cargo delivery
- to store information about customers and orders
- to display wide range of reports and statistics
- to be able to work in network environment (with several terminals and one database server)
- to be able to work from web browser

System has been designed and realized to be scalable, so it can be used on many terminals on the same time. So, it is useful also in large hiper-markets and small shops having only one terminal. Application Menago can be installed on the same hardware with database server and it can also use remote database server via network. Application and database server can work with most popular Windows and Linux operation systems.

Wide range of configurable options are available starting from 2.0 version of Menago, so new application appears to be more flexible. Some new configurable settings are listed below:
- define rush-hours on different days of week at different time of a day
- define individual permissions for every user
- define free days
- display advertisement to users
Working with Menago2, is also more comfortable and much faster now because of new features:
- use of street names that has been remembered in database
- use of configured earlier data (zone, direction) for each address
- GUI is more user friendly.

To increase efficiency of Menago, the search of free delivery termins algorithm has been optimized by adding new feature of mixing two or more orders at one time. If one order's cargo volume does not fill whole truck capacity it may add cargo from another order that goes in the same direction as first one. This solution prevents low-loaded truck going to customers and going into the same place several times of a day with 25%, 50% capacity.

There is also possibility to find one optimal common termin for a number of trucks if nessesary. Program can also find and reserve several termins - different delivery termin for any truck.

Features described below, make the reservation and searching of free termins fast and easy now. Menago helps to use company's resources better, by increasing size of cargo delivered in the same time with reduced costs.

Minimal server requirements:
PC class computer,
Processor 500MHz, 512 MB RAM
HDD: 50MB free space
Operating System: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Linux

Minimal terminal requirements (for client application)*:
PC class computer,
Processor 500MHz, 256 MB RAM
HDD: 150MB free space
Operating System: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Linux

Web client application requirements:
Web browser:

  1. Firefox: 2+
  2. Internet Explorer 6+
  3. Opera 9+
*Menago client application and database may have been instaled on the same hardware, in that case its recomended to use of more powered machine.
Project has been created within AdFinem.