[section::Local Tcp Control Center]
ltcc is a simple unix utility to limit tcp traffic in local area network. It is useful when we cannot set QoS or firewall on router to limit packet transfer from/to outside our network segment, and some users take all the transfer by downloading heavy files.

The sollution is to kill such tcp connection by sending spooffed packed with RST flag set. First, ltcc sniffes local network for described by options packets. Second, prepares a fake packet with RST flag set and sent it to source host. Source host, after receiving RST flag set closes connection. This utility is simple DoS.

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  • fix interactive mode:
    change terminal escape codes by ncurses?
    - priority : high
  • communication forked processes with main application in interactive mode
    - priority : low
  • BSD compatibility (libpcap?)
    - priority : low
  • add -s 192.168.0.* like input.
    - priority : medium
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