JDOX is a vim plugin that generates javadoc compatibile comment for c++ function definitions. Some time ago I found a similar vim plugin that generated c-style comments. I like javadoc style comments even in c++, so I decided to write my own plugin, mostly configurable - see CONFIGURATION in jdox_cpp.vim file. It can work with definitions, function declarations, and classes. Only commenting of function definitions is currently supported. The main point that differs jdox from similar commenting plugins is that jdox supports comments between arguments, function name and return types.

	* Function: a_function
	* @author Pawel Prokop
	* @param str
	* @param number
	* @return unsigned  int
	* @version 1.0
	int  a_function  ( char * str, /* int not_used_anymore, */ unsigned int number) { 
jdox_cpp.vimvim plugin
Vim >= 7.0
just copy jdox_cpp.vim into ~/.vim/plugin/ directory
to execute plugin: press: \d (backslash d) when cursor is on name of function definition to comment
  • configuration depended commenting style
  • support for .java
  • commenting of function declarations
  • commenting of class definitions
  • template return types
  • configuration in separate (.jdox) file