:started:October 2004
:size:80x35x40 [cm]
:volume:112 [l]
:light:2x18 [W] (standard)
:residents: (2x2) Pterophyllum Scalare
4x Ancistrus multispinis
2x Corydoras paleatus
1x Xiphophorus helleri
2x Crossocheilus siamensis
1x Caridina japonica 1x Epiplatys dageti
:flora: 4x Anubias barteri var. nana
2 packs of Cryptocoryne ???
3x Cryptocoryne parva
Egeria densa
Egeria najas

:started:September 2006
:size:50x30x35 [cm]
:volume:52.5 [l]
:light:1x15 [W] (standard)
:residents: 8x Apistogramma borelli
??x Poecilia reticulata
:flora: Anubias barteri var. nana
Cryptocoryne ???
2x Hygrophila difformis
Bacopa Caroliana
Egeria densa
Egeria najas
Vesicularia dubyana
Rotala indica
Ludwigia Repens
[section::low_tech (removed)]
:started:December 2006
:size:42x23x26 [cm]
:volume:25.5 [l]
:residents: none
:flora: Anubias barteri var. nana
Cryptocoryne ???
Egeria densa
Vesicularia dubyana
:Info: Aquarium stays at the window at North-West side of building. I suppose there won't be enough light for algae grow but enough for Anubias, Cryptocoryne and Vesicularia... To refill water that evaporates I use water from other aquas and I wish there are enough microelements for plants to grow.
Aquarium has no cover, no filter, no warmer, (no everything :) )
[section::Apistogramma Borelli]